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Automated Drawers by Emily Short

Version 6/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

Creates a drawer kind of container, which is designed to be part of an item of furniture. Automatically parses names such as 'top drawer' or 'fourth drawer' or 'left drawer'; adds some features for describing furniture with drawers.

Commonly Unimplemented by Aaron Reed

Version 2/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

Responds to attempts to interact with unimplemented clothing, body parts, or generic surroundings. Requires Smarter Parser by Aaron Reed.

Extended Grammar by Aaron Reed

Version 8/140501 for Inform 7 6L38

Adds some of the most commonly attempted verb synonyms and alternate grammar lines. Based on the Inform 6 extension ExpertGrammar.h by Emily Short.

Small Kindnesses by Aaron Reed

Version 13/140501 for Inform 7 6L38

Provides a number of small interface improvements for players, understanding commands like GO BACK and GET IN, an EXITS command which automatically runs after failed movement, a USE verb, and more. Compatible with Modified Exit and Approaches by Emily Short, Keyword Interface by Aaron Reed, and Implicit Actions by Eric Eve.

Smarter Parser by Aaron Reed

Version 16/140501 for Inform 7 6L38

Understands a broader range of input than the standard parser, and can direct new players towards proper syntax.