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Common Commands Sidebar by Alice Grove

Version 2/161024 for Inform 7 6M62, 6L38, 6L02

Displays a list of common parser commands in a sidebar as a reference for novice players. Includes actions to turn the sidebar off and on. Story author can tailor the command list and the appearance of the sidebar, or just plug and play. For version 6L or 6M of Inform 7.

Disambiguation Control by Jon Ingold

Version 10/170416 for Inform 7 6M62, 6L38, 6L02

Allows finer control over the disambiguation process used by Inform to decide what the player was referring to. Less guesswork, more questions asking for more input. Also removes the multiple-object-rejection in favour of asking for more information.

Inline Hyperlinks by Daniel Stelzer

Version 3/160726

Provides a simple, HTML-inspired syntax for adding hyperlinks within say phrases. No manual management of hyperlinks required. Requires Text Capture by Eric Eve. Works seamlessly with, but does not require, Flexible Windows.

Keyword Interface by Aaron Reed

Version 9/140501 for Inform 7 6L38

This extension emulates Blue Lacuna's emphasized keyword system for simplifying common IF input. Nouns, directions, and topics can be typed without a verb to examine, go, or discuss. Works with Glulx or z-code.

Phrases for Tables with Topics by Ron Newcomb

Version 3/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

This grants five new phrases regarding the player's command, the matched text, and the topic understood: if one is a topic listed in a table, if one includes or matches a topic listed in a table, what corresponds to one within a table, and the last phrase corrects a bug so the topic understood may be used within an understand-as-mistake line.

Rewrite the Command Line by Ron Newcomb

Version 2/110202 for Inform 7 6L38

Allows us to erase then rewrite the commands our player types in.

Vorple Hyperlinks by Juhana Leinonen

Version 2/140430 for Inform 7 6L38

Hyperlinks that either open a web site or execute a parser command.