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Basic Help Menu by Emily Short

Version 1/140507 for Inform 7 6L38, 6L02

Provides a HELP command which brings up a menu giving standard instructions about IF.

Basic Help Menu by Wade Clarke

Version 4/160126 for Inform 7 6M62

Adds a HELP command to your Glulx or Z-Code project for Inform 6M62 or later which brings up a menu giving some standard instructions about IF. This is a tech and content update of Emily Short's Basic Help Menu extension made for compatibility with Wade Clarke's Menus. Requires Menus by Wade Clarke (version 5 or greater) to run.

Common Commands Sidebar by Alice Grove

Version 2/161024 for Inform 7 6M62, 6L38, 6L02

Displays a list of common parser commands in a sidebar as a reference for novice players. Includes actions to turn the sidebar off and on. Story author can tailor the command list and the appearance of the sidebar, or just plug and play. For version 6L or 6M of Inform 7.

Tutorial Mode by Emily Short

Version 5/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

Adds a tutorial mode, which is on by default, to any game, to introduce key actions for the novice player. Can be revised or expanded by the author.