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Deluxe Doors by Emily Short

Version 4/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

Allows for doors that are implemented as having independent 'faces' -- to put a knocker on that can only be seen from on side, for instance, or to allow the player to lock one side with a key but the other with a latch. Also introduces a 'latched door' kind.

Disappearing Doors by Andrew Plotkin

Version 1/150415 for Inform 7 6L38, 6G60

The ability to remove doors from the world and put them back.

Easy Doors by Hanon Ondricek

Version 2/150510 for Inform 7 6L38

Easy Doors provides a new kind of door which does not use map connections, and may be manipulated via rules more flexibly than the standard doors provided in Inform 7.

Secret Doors by Gavin Lambert

Version 1/150417 for Inform 7 6L38

Doors and switches that cannot be acted upon until they are discovered.