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Conversational Defaults by Eric Eve

Version 3/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

Provides a set of rules to facilitate defining default conversational responses for different conversational commands targeted at various NPCs. This extension requires Conversation Framework.

Conversation Builder by Chris Conley

Version 3/170420 for Inform 7 6M62

An interactive question-and-answer system for building conversations.

Conversation Framework by Eric Eve

Version 11/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

A framework for conversations that allows saying hello and goodbye, abbreviated forms of ask and tell commands for conversing with the current interlocutor, and asking and telling about things as well as topics.

Conversation Nodes by Eric Eve

Version 7/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

Builds on Conversational Defaults and adds the ability to define particular points in a conversational thread (nodes) at which particular conversational options become available.

Conversation Package by Eric Eve

Version 3/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

This extension includes both Conversation Nodes and Conversation Suggestions, and makes the suggestions aware of conversation nodes. It therefore includes the complete conversational system in one package. It also requires Conversation Responses, Conversational Defaults, Conversation Framework and Epistemology. The documentation for this extension give some guidance on how these other extensions can be mixed and matched.

Conversation Responses by Eric Eve

Version 7/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

Provides a meaning for defining responses to conversational commands (such as ASK FRED ABOUT GARDEN) as a series of rules.

Conversation Rules by Eric Eve

Version 7/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

A way of controlling conversations using rules and tables. Also implements topic suggestions and Conversation nodes. Requires Plurality by Emily Short and Conversation Framework, Epistemology and List Control by Eric Eve.

Conversation Suggestions by Eric Eve

Version 7/150610 for Inform 7 6L38

Provides a means of suggesting topics of conversation to the player, either in response to a TOPICS command or when NPCs are greeted. This extension requires Conversation Framework. Version 3 makes use of Complex Listing by Emily Short if it's included in the same game rather than indexed text to generate a list of suggestions.

Inanimate Listeners by Emily Short

Version 1/140507 for Inform 7 6L38, 6L02

Allows the player to address inanimate objects such as a talking computer, microphone, or telephone in a form such as ASK COMPUTER ABOUT COORDINATES.

Threaded Conversation by Chris Conley

Version 5/150117 for Inform 7 6M62, 6L38

A conversation system tracking facts known, phrases spoken, and subjects of conversation.