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After Not Doing Something by Ron Newcomb

Version 2/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

Allows us to write rules that happen after an action fails, such as 'After not examining or searching something'

Editable Stored Actions by Ron Newcomb

Version 10/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

This extension extends section 12.20 of Writing With Inform. The individual parts of a stored action -- actor, noun, second noun, action name -- can be changed directly. Also exposes new parts: request, text, participle, preposition, number, and each kind of value.

Permission to Visit by Ron Newcomb

Version 7/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

In lieu of compass directions, we may VISIT, ATTEND, GO TO, and FIND various people, events, places, and things. Characters may INVITE, PERMIT, and FORBID each other to or from their respective domains.

Phrases for Adaptive Pacing by Ron Newcomb

Version 1/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

We may ask the time when (a description of scenes) began/ended; the number of turns since (a description of scenes) began/ended; if (a future event) is soon; the time/turns until (a future event); the time/turns when (a future event). We may also un-schedule a future event with 'never shall'; begin or end a scene on an event; say a time 'as a time period'; repeat through future events; and change the turns-to-minutes ratio with 'per'.

Phrases for Tables with Topics by Ron Newcomb

Version 3/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

This grants five new phrases regarding the player's command, the matched text, and the topic understood: if one is a topic listed in a table, if one includes or matches a topic listed in a table, what corresponds to one within a table, and the last phrase corrects a bug so the topic understood may be used within an understand-as-mistake line.

Real Date and Time by Ron Newcomb

Version 2/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

Allows the author to get the real-world time and date from the player's computer.

Rewrite the Command Line by Ron Newcomb

Version 2/110202 for Inform 7 6L38

Allows us to erase then rewrite the commands our player types in.

Scope Control by Ron Newcomb

Version 2/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

Allows us to ask why the Deciding the Scope For Something activity is running, so we can modify the scope only when we absolutely need to. Highly useful for giving NPCs commands over telephones or while in darkness, creating 'can hear' relations, or modifying how Inform parses the command line.

Unsuccessful PC Attempt by Ron Newcomb

Version 2/150410 for Inform 7 6L38

Will run the Unsuccessful Attempt By rules for all characters, including the player. Also silences the library messages printed by the built-in Check rules.