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Provides a number of small interface improvements for players, understanding commands like GO BACK and GET IN, an EXITS command which automatically runs after failed movement, a USE verb, and more. Compatible with Modified Exit and Approaches by Emily Short, Keyword Interface by Aaron Reed, and Implicit Actions by Eric Eve.

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Players often stumble on minor annoyances in the standard behavior of an Inform game. Many of these have been "fixed" over and over again by individual authors. This extension packages up a number of these small kindnesses, many taken from examples in the Inform 7 documentation, to make things a little easier for your players. This extension is designed to play well and overlap as little as possible with several similar extensions. Anyone including this extension should highly consider also using Modified Exit by Emily Short, Locksmith by Emily Short, Extended Grammar by Aaron Reed, and Implicit Actions by Eric Eve. It borrows a few pieces of functionality from these extensions, in case of compiling for a small platform. This extension should function well with or without any of these. Simply including the extension is all that is needed, unless you wish to remove some of the behaviors. To remove one, replace the section title with a blank or modified bit in your code (see "Extensions can interact with other extensions" in the docs). For example, if you don't want the implementation of a "use" verb: Chapter - No use verb (in place of Chapter - Implement Use verb for common actions in Small Kindnesses by Aaron Reed) Here are the names of all the sections. Chapter - Exit leaves when there's only one way to go Chapter - Go Back returns to previous location Chapter - Examining the room Chapter - Automatically leave containers before going Chapter - Show valid directions after going nowhere Chapter - Allow for switching things in darkness Chapter - Don't perform implicit actions for doomed tasks Chapter - Implement Use verb for common actions Example: * Checkup - A small example illustrating the extension's functionality. *: "Checkup" Include Small Kindnesses by Aaron Reed. Sidewalk is a room. The Waiting Room is inside from Sidewalk. The Dentist's Office is east of Waiting Room. A reclined chair is a fixed in place enterable supporter in Office. "You see a comfy chair here." The player wears a backpack. The backpack is open and openable. In the backpack is a magazine. Test me with "look at sidewalk / in / e / exit / n / e / get in chair / w / go back / eat chair / sit on chair / use backpack".