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Download version 1/150410For Inform 7 6L38



Adds some helpful testing commands for changing default responses.

Tags adaptive-prose responses


This extension makes it easier to adjust responses from the Standard Rules or extensions. Type "track responses" to append each response seen with a numbered tag. You can then type "response 1" (and so on) to see details about the current form of the message, and a template you can copy and paste in your source text to change it. Type "track off" to stop tracking responses. The entire extension is marked "not for release", so it can safely be left in a released project without affecting its functionality or file size. More information about responses can be found in the "Adapative Text and Responses" chapter on the "Documentation" pane. As a reminder, you can list all the responses associated with the Standard Rules or a particular extension via the testing command RESPONSES, or see all responses associated with a particular action on the Index pane, Actions tab, by clicking a specific action and then clicking the speech bubble icon at the bottom of the action listing.