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A light testing extension to identify rooms and game items that may still be lacking descriptions or other properties.

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To use Property Checking, we simply include the extension and compile; before the first move, the game will produce a list of those things that are not yet described, and those rooms that do not yet have an initial appearance. The section that writes out content occurs only in a "not for release" segment of Property Checking, so it is safe to include Property Checking in a game for release, as the messages will not appear in the final build. To add additional checks to Property Checking, we may add our own rules to the property-check rulebook. If, for instance, we wanted to guarantee that all people in the game had an initial appearance: A property-check rule for a person (called the target) (this is the people must have initial appearances rule): if the initial appearance of the target is empty: say "[target] has no initial appearance.". Example: * Underdescribed - A minimal sort of game which will produce output with Property Checking *: "Underdescribed" Include Property Checking by Emily Short. The Lab is a room. The player carries an apple and an orange. The description of the apple is "Juicy and red." This will generate the output Lab has no description. orange has no description. at the start of play.