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Adds basic typo correction by checking the first few letters of misunderstood input against the printed names of nearby objects. Requires version 15 of Smarter Parser by Aaron Reed. Supports Scope Caching by Mike Ciul for faster performance.

Tags parser


This extension tries to fix spelling errors in misunderstood input by looking for words in the "printed name" of nearby objects that start with the first three letters of the first misunderstood word in the player's input. While a simple approach, this still catches about 40% of IF typos, including common cases where the player uses an abbreviated form or a unimplemented plural or singular form of a noun. The extension requires version 12 or higher of Smarter Parser by Aaron Reed, which includes much more functionality for recognizing misunderstood input. If you want to disable this and use mistype correction alone, simply add the following line to your source: Use empty Smarter Parser rulebook. Example: * Potatoe Farm - *: "Potatoe Farm". Include Poor Man's Mistype by Aaron Reed. There is a room called On The Ol' Potato Farm. "Efforts to turn this place into a trendy retreat for artists have not been fruitful." A vegetable garden and a cemetery are fixed in place in Farm. A minuscule potato, a squash daiquiri, and an exhilarating questionnaire are in Farm. A maintenance worker named Katelynn and a committed playwright are people in Farm. Test me with "x potatoe / x potatos / x cemetary / tkae questionare / give potatoe to playright / hug katelyn / drop teh questionnaire / lok / drink daquiri". Note that since at least the first three letters must be correct for a match, the last command fails to be recognized -- perhaps a blessing in disguise in this case.