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Download version 3/150410For Inform 7 6L38



An extension to go with Room Description Control, which emulates as closely as possible the behavior of Inform defaults, but allows the intervention of Room Description Control.

Tags room-descriptions


The purpose of Ordinary Room Description is to replicate as closely as possible the default room description behavior of Inform while relying on the framework provided by Room Description Control. This means that including Ordinary Room Description should, by itself, change nothing about the way descriptions are presented in our game. The advantage of including it is that we can then make use of Room Description Control to make slight tweaks to Inform's default behavior, as for instance by writing description-concealing rules or changing the priority of items so that they are listed in a different order from the usual within a room. For more detail on these abilities, see the documentation for Room Description Control. Example: * Quiet Shelf - A scenery supporter which does not list its contents in the room description. *: "Quiet Shelf" Include Ordinary Room Description by Emily Short. Sample Chamber is a room. The shelf is scenery in Sample Chamber. On the shelf is a gold coin. A description-concealing rule: now every thing on the shelf is not marked for listing. Test me with "look / get coin / look / drop coin / look".