About the Inform 7 Extensions Library

Before the Extensions Library was created the state of extensions was very messy. Inform authors had to check at least three websites for extensions, and it wasn't clear where the latest version was, or which Inform 7 releases an extension was compatible with. Inspired by the excellent npm site for Javascript we made the Library with the eventual goal that it will be a one-stop shop for every Inform 7 extension.

Using the Library from within the Inform 7 IDE

The Library is designed to work within the Inform 7 IDE, with a few small changes, such as the download button turning into an install button. The Library will automatically show you the latest version of each extension which is compatible with the Inform 7 release you are using, if any versions are compatible. You can view all the versions with the history link.

When the Library is used from within the IDE, only extensions which have been manually approved by the Library Manager will be visible and searchable. When viewed from a normal web browser these extensions will be shown with the tick of approval.


Storing passwords securely is difficult, so this site uses Google OAuth 2.0 to authenticate users. The only information we store are email addresses and display names, which are shown only to the site administrators, editors, and an extension's co-maintainers. We will never distribute your details to third parties.

Copyright, licensing, and software development

All extensions, their descriptions and documentation are licensed under the CC BY 4.0 licence. The site software is licensed under the MIT licence. Please report bugs and feature suggestions to the GitHub issue tracker.

If someone has uploaded an extension here without the right to do so (if it was private or published under a licence incompatible with the CC BY licence, such as the GNU GPL), please report it to the Library Manager.